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    What will move India to its highest potential?

Aiming High

The prophesies foretold the coming of a transformational leader in the year 1994. How I wished I could be that... "But if I was not that leader I should be one of his foremost lieutenants…" That was a thought that inspired me to work towards the BEST. This happened early in life. And I have been at it ever since. ...

The wait has been long and it is 2020 now… and then how much more should one wait…? No visible temporal leader of the expected spiritual impact has come. And in the meanwhile a significant volume of work has been generated. Time does not stop for anybody. It does not feel right to wait anymore. The findings of my committed study might as well be released. It has been let out in parts in the form of books but now it is time to stand up and communicate clearly. And it is in order because of the belief that there is much that can be achieved.

The claim of ancient wisdom is that there is indeed a way around the problems that haunt us today. And with this solution as the minimum, plus with more minds chipping in, the solutions can only get better. So lets get down to seeing what the wise of the bygone millennia indicate for us. And if we have to spend our energies hammering at our problems anyway, why not take useful tips from those who have been there and done that.

I, Nixon, have no request save this… look at this maths numerical I have worked out… check out for yourself whether it is right. And if it is, think of all the possibilities that open up for tackling contentious issues facing the world.

How sincere has Nixon been in his pursuit? ...it is difficult to say, but despite the weaknesses and constraints one has done his best. And what is now being presented are two websites sinduland.com and pswaraj.com and a series of books that are an outcome of that effort. Hopefully the stakeholders will benefit.

The highest has to do with the spirit

The pursuit of the best was supplimented with good fortune. The gifts one received included a good family with hardworking devout parents. The king among the spiritual leaders who have walked on land, Jesus Christ, and Christianity were a part of my growing up. I was fortunate to have had the influence of the Indian culture and the best of amazing teachers. The colony where we stayed had a cosmopolitan atmosphere and five languages came to us siblings naturally. ...

A few lines from the Bhagwad Gita came in an encouraging letter from my cricket coach and a full translation of the blessed book was given to me by my father’s colleague as a gift. With that I was introduced to the best of spiritual wisdom. When I asked myself whether Christ would have objected to my trying to understand the Bhagwad Gita, which in turn is claimed to be the truth about human nature, the reply came strongly in the negative. Ever since, the Gita has served as an opportunity to investigate a remarkable digest of spiritual thought mastered in ancient India. The expose by the book is so revealing that it even led to a deep appreciation of the intellectual dimensions to Jesus Christ's work. And finally the best of the living Gyan Yogis of this generation, Sirshree Tejparkhi of the Happy Thoughts fame, has been facilitating his disciples, including me, on a journey of self-discovery. And the benefits have been immense.

And what have I found in this spiritual journey? ... That I am nothing!! (So much for the high aim!) That my true nature is the Shunya (Zero), which the Buddha talked about. That I am the same as everyone else. That I have to 'give up myself' the way Jesus Christ wanted me to. That just a polevaulter must drop his pole when he jumps across the bar, I have to give up even my religious identity if I need to reach nothingness. The meditators call it the no-mind state in which the real self is revealed and there is a shift away from self which the mind conjectures.

And this nothing, Sirshree Says, is everything. Investigations into peak and plateau experiences by Abraham Maslow show that this is about a state that is filled with peace, creativity and excellence. Eckhart Tolle dwells on 'being in the present' and talks of the 'Power of Now'. Sirshree says 'There is no other' and therefore through the discovery of the true self universal love awakens in that individual. These pointers already account for love, peace, excellence, power... These qualities manifest when one transcends.

Then there is divinity and Heaven. The wise point to the inner self having oneness with the Maker, just as Christ was one with His Father. In Hindu learning Adwitatic oneness indicates man's inner being having oneness with God. In it there is the super natural; metaphysical miraculous phenomenon have been reported throughout history. I have personally witnessed and experienced miracles. But then I have found that this Divinity is available to the devotee only beyond the giving up of the ego and transcending to nothingness. That 'giving up' is the starting point which Jesus Christ has kind of patented. Giving up the ego is samarpan (total surrender) and it is the basic entry ticket to the joys of heaven.

Have I experienced nothingness? Surely yes! And that is not something unique or rare. Abraham Maslow, through his investigations, found out that peak and plateau experiences are universal. That means that everyone has experienced this some time or the other. But the ancient wise add that while having such an experience, if one looks inwards and discovers that the "I am" reference is not to the body, but to an universal spirit, then that wise one discovers/realizes his true self.

But this discovery can also be unlearnt and the real challenge is to find a way to get to the experiences and permanently shift into being the universal self. This process of attaining permanance has been termed as self-stabilization.

How much longer must one wait for Self-stabilization and to see 'God' (Allah, The Om, The Father) the way the masters experienced? Time goes by, and Sirshree suggests that one must not wait but rather continue doing the assigned work towards the higher cause regardless.

Therefore today I leave the rest to faith, which in turn has never failed me so far. The three inspirations have indeed guided me to the best I could have. And there is no looking back.

Diverse learning and experience

And the blessing received is plentiful in the temporal plane too. With an MSc in Physics the scientific temper comes naturally. And with post graduate studies in the fields of Government and Management from outstanding and innovative schools, from the learning received from handpicked teachers at the Periyar IAS academy and from ten years at the National Defence Academy ... one cannot ask for more. Surely no one mind can master even a fraction of the knowledge that is available to the scientific world today, so I could never be all knowing even if I wished. But one can do the best with what one has imbibed. And surely there is enough to present what appears as a solution in the present situation of great intellectual flux.

Much passion has gone into this effort and parts of it has been wetted by no mean minds. And you will see this as you explore the websites.

We can prevail.

So What have I been up to?

This particular website is meant to introduce me, Nixon Fernando to those who would like to know. It is about presenting my work. The work is about truth; about spirituality; about science; about polity. It is also surely about perception; a different way of looking at things, which also has a claim of honesty about it and it claims ... a promise of a workable solution for the present times.

And it is an earnest appeal that goes out to the reader to hear it out.

The findings are finally out on paper in the form of literature that is referenced in the Sinduland.com website. While the references 1 through 6 consist of books that address the issues of the nation, the Reference 7 is a combined work done alongside two towering legends Mr. TN Seshan and Prof Bala B Balachandran. This book “Yogyathwa” deals with leadership and among other things, unravels the deep insights of the Ancient Indian Masters on leadership. The scientific spirit is retained in context. One other aspect of the vision, which is directly addressed to the people of the villages, is elaborated in detail in the website pswaraj.com.

Are these findings revealed in the said literature facts, or are they mere perceptions? Let’s find out. The claim is that the vision constitutes a package that will help India realize its potential as a Guru to the world: A Golden Bird as they used to call it

Website: Gandhian/Uttaramerur decentralization


"Having control over one's own destiny"; if that is the aim then Indian citizens must have effective power in the lowest unit of government. Local government must have both power and responsibility to handle local affairs. And the citizens must not be ruled in a 'raj'; they must self-govern in a swaraj--Panchayati Swaraj. Built into this should be the protecion of tradition, environment, human rights, the aleviation of poverty and the pursuit of highest fredom. Check out the Panchayati Swaraj website which will act as a resource for village community leaders who wish to be the change. This is about the best way to build strength in the nation; to get the citizens teamed up to tackle issues in their immediate vicinity. [more]…


Website: Unlocking India's Potential


Even just about a few centuries ago the Indian sub-continent was the go-to place in the world. And today India is counted amongst the lowly ranked countries in respect of many of the human development indices. It is convenient to blame the British and others for the sad state of affairs. But then it is also possible that may be we have not played on the front foot. May be we have not learnt and used the best of our ideas. A small break through is all that it will take. We need to convince the scientific world that there was a legitimate learning process in ancient India that compares with the pursuit of truth of the scientific spirit. This can open amazing doors for India. There is a way out of the present mess and it is presented in the website Sinduland.com Click here...



This personal blog is a collection of articles that have an element of timelessness about them. Some have been listed here for your reference (click to read):
**Sabrimalai Entry: an Unfair Imposition on Denominational Faith
**Islam and the Will of God
**Patriarchy and Dowry in the Indian Context
**The Gita Perspective on Sexual Gratification



Member: Mission Victory India

With the aim of Military Excellence, more than 60 Military veterans have shared their accumulated wisdom towards rising the bench marks for Training, Selection and other aspects in the armed forces. This Victory India Mission is spearheaded by Col Vinay Dalvi and it is one's good fortune to be a part of the team. Several of my aticles have appeared in the series of five 'Victory India' books compiled by Col Dalvi. Click here...to access the website.


Suicides in Vidarbha (study and book)


An eight member team visited Vidarbha in Dec 2006 to study the reason for farmers' suicides. The findings resulted in a book and a short film. The final report can be accessed here. You can also find a short video about the situation in youtube. Click Here.


Leadership Studies (Study and Book)

Yogyathwa: Simple Access to Powerful Leadeship, is a text book on leadership unlike any other. Inspired by the princples taught by Sirshree Tejparkhi, drawing from the experience of two luminaries (authors), and using many of the tools provided by the Ancient Indian learning, the book provides insight about the true nature of leadership and how to develop it in one's wards.


Book: Dharma a prime motivator

Dharma takes a central place in Indian civilization. It is actually a secular spiritual concept with which even agnostics and atheists can be comfortable. When understood in a contemporary context, it becomes evident that it can act as a force muliplier for good in society. The book Dharma: Cornerstone of Indian Civilization explores the concept and reveals how it is applicable in today's environment. It is about knowing how to motivate the Arjuns of today.


Book: Rising to Second Freedom

This is a vision about India. It has three parts and each forwarded by a genuine luminary. The overall foreword is by Mr. N Vittal a righteous, admired and awarded former bureaucrat. The three parts have to do with understanding Ancient Indian Thought, Understanding effective decentralization and adaptation of the instituions of the nation for genuine freedom respectively. The claim is that the ideas constitute a total that can unlock India's hidden potential. Read more about the book In the Sinduland Genius website...

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