The Tragedy of Farmers' Sucides in Vidarbha: A Lesson and a Ray of Hope


 An insightful study from the MIT SOG by  Executive participants of the MPG course. The solution to the sucides involves decentralization and local government empowerment: [more]…. Forward by Mr. TN Seshan, IAS, Rtd, former CEC


Towards the Kingdom of Heaven


Can we be enriched by the ancient perspective? how do we separate chaff from the grain?  Are we glossing over great insights by technical   bloch ups? Is there a perspective with great hope  for practical solutions… [more]… Forward by Admiral Arun Prakash, Former CNS



Panchayati Swaraj


India must effectively decentralize Gandhiji's hope for 'eden' may be realized only if actual power and responsibility are transferred down to the villages. It is inevitable if India must attain its 'Golden Bird' destiny [more]… Forwarded by Gandhian Prof Lalitha Ramamurthi



Return to an Ancient and Glorious Tryst


Ancinet Indin thought is mis understood maligned and mis interpteted. The secrets it holds can give peace workers of this world very useful tools. Substantial fight against Communalism and Genuine emancipation for low castes [more]… Forwarded by Mr. TN Seshan


Yogyathwa: Simple Access to Powerful Leadership


Co authored with Mr. TN Seshan IAS, Former CEC  And Prof Bala Balachander Dean, Great Lakes  Institute of Management and Prof at Kellogs  University US. The book is about transformational Leadership through the Ancient Indian perspective it is targeted at MBA students and indologists . It has been published by Pearsons And is available for purchase at Amazon Kindle. Read more here...


Transition to Freedom


An approach to problem solving based on Ancient  Indian Wisdom and decentralized administration   will requrie a slightly altered approch to policy  making and administration in the present India.  This book indicates the changes for various  spheres of public life in India [more]….


Dharma: Cornerstone of Indian Civilization


Dharma is not synonymous with Religion. Understanding it can give modern India a a good chance at a value based system. The systemic aspect of Dharma has shifted from Monarchy to Democracy. How should we read the call to Dharmic performance to duty in this context? [more]… With a foreword by Mr. TN Seshan, former CEC of India


TN Seshan: Between Duty and No Duty


(tentative title) This is an autobiographical work of Mr. TN Seshan, the legendary former Cabinet seceretary of India and former Chief Election Commissioner of India. The responsibility of having it published rests on Nixon Fernando. The work is to be published soon.


Organizational Rights for Communities


This is a book in the making. It is about Human Rights, how it leads to selfish societies. How Human Rights are best implemented if communities are given rights. Communities must have a right to their culture, their togetherness, their spaces, their holies... Within resonable restrictions, this work is a call to understand that Human Rights is a method that is best used to raise the bar for governments. But for building values the perspective is a disaster. Only a duties based togetherness can truly implement Human Rights for its members. And spiritual insights show that such duty based togetherness is in complete resonance with human contentment and joy.
looking forward to parthering with experts in Law and Human Rights to finalize research on the subject.

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