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Looking forward to interact on education and training, rural development, national development, government, resolving science/spirituality/religion conflict, Transformational leadership from first principles, Human Community Rights...


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No. 10 Raman Nagar,

Laxmipuram, Kolathur,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



Possible topics for discussion and talks


**A vision for India inspired by ancient wisdom
**Effective Decentralization in India
**The science vs spirituality paradox
**Vasudaivakutumbakam Vs Clash of Civilizations
**Centrality of the Body and Blood of Christ
**The reason bound brilliance of the Bhagwad Gita
**The significance of "yoga" with particular reference to Karma Yoga
**A holistic approch to self-development
**Sports and music as a basis for personality development
**Yogyathwa: Simple Access to powerful Leadership, and understanding and enhancing transformational leadership.
**A course on the pursuit of Dharma: understanding it and applying it.
**Training for political party members on partcipatory democracy
**Contentmentalis Vs Consumerism

The Book 'Yogyathwa' forms the source material for leadership development.
The book 'Dharma: conrner stone of Hindu Civilization' deals with values and excellence.

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