• sirshree tejparkhi

    Spiritual Guide Par Excellence; facilitates experiential understanding of subtle truths;He knows and knows that he knows

  • the divine song

    An incredible compendium of ancient wisdom; indespensible for the modern thinkers and scientists

  • in whom the father is well pleased

    The bridge to new life. Prince of that only path to nirwana


Sirshree Tejparkhi


A living "Self Realized" sage. Deceptively simple but explaining profound truths. Has guided me on an experiential path of spiritual discovery. Is unlocking my greatest potentials.    Do visit the Tej Gyan Foundation. The wise know  that it is a rare in a Millenium opportunity… [more]…



Jesus Christ


My hero and leader. The one who opens gates for me to peace, forgiveness and joy.  Respect…...!! Difficult to follow, but possible.  To not follow Him is not a choice as all people of all  religions reaching God tread THAT path alone… And it is kind of patented...!!



Bhagwad Gita

if you are an intellectual, you believe in the scientific method, and are driven by reason and logic this book is for you!!! A most comprehensive  guide on religion and sprituality. Beware of  misleading interpretations though… It is preferable to  treat the composition as a huge puzzle and crack it for oneself… 



Other sources of Inspiration



works of Prophets, saints, soldiers, scientists,  artists, statesmen and sportspersons, And the   devotion of the devoted!! Many among my   teachers, coaches, friends and acquaintances  inspire. Gifted to see Mr. Seshan's work up close. Love to play the guitar, sing and play sports.

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