Personal Bio


Name : Nixon Fernando

Born: 13 Sept 1969

Languages: English (conversant), Hindi (working knowledge), Tamil (Mother Tongue, can speak), Kannada (working knowledge), Marathi (basic communication)


Basic experience is in the field of Education and training, including a one year stint as Course Head (Program Head) at the MIT School of Governmetn Pune. Important appointments include a ten year stint at the National Defence Academy, teaching physics; six years as lecturer at the Great Lakes Insititute of Management, and over a decade of association with Mr. TN Seshan, former CEC of India as his research assistant, including a year and half stay at his residence immediately before his death.

Having acquired knowledge in Physics, Government and Management, much of the working life has gone parallel with writing a vision for India. This has resulted in four published books and several book chapters. The websites "" and "Panchayati Swaraj" throw light on what has emerged is a view on an optimal path to the "Golden Bird" for India.



Currently Working


(Since Dec 2019) Working to finalize communications related to the 25year old own project about the way forward for India. The pandemic seems to have come as a blessing.



Past Work Experience

From April 2018 to November 2019 worked with Mr. TN Seshan as his research assistand and estate manager at his residence. Was with him till his last, helping him with most of his writing work.

Earlier From May 2012 to March 2018, served as lecturer at the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai; assisting professors in delivering courses to the participants of the various Programs.

Another responsibility relates to research on the topic of leadership and to assist Prof Bala Balachander and Mr. TN Seshan with writing books on leadership.

Also participant at the PGPM Flex program (executive MBA) at the Great Lakes; completed in Dec 2015


Personal projects and freelancing (Between June ’10 and May ’12)

Worked on two personal projects related to National development: the first involving the publishing and promoting a vision on India which is being put forward currently through the website The other project relates to the creation of a website that is to facilitate the pumping of large quantities of information to rural areas with the intention of inspiring self-reliance and freedom in them (the project is on the drawing board). In the same period I also assisted in developing the website of the Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad at the MIT School of Government between January and September 2011. Worked on a project connected to development of a national vision by the youth of the nation for a brief period (March to Sept 2011). Assisted Mr. TN Seshan, former CEC and Prof N Vittal, former CVC, in delivering lectures on Ethics at the Great lakes Institute of Management, Chennai for One month (Oct-Nov 2010);

Course Head at the MIT School of Government: (July ‘09 to June ‘10) Taking care of the academics and administration (except institutional relations, promotions and admissions) of the MIT SOG; heading a team of 18 persons. The course was in its fifth year and the primary effort was at helping it stabilize, that it may gain rightful recognition as an enviable institute producing genuine value addition to the participants in the course. It involved being completely responsible for the delivery of the course. It was a great opportunity to contribute to the alma mater and to learn the ropes at an executive position with independent charge… 


Research assistant to Mr. TN Seshan: (Dec 07 to June 09) Hired by the MIT group of institutions from Pune to help Mr. Seshan go through volumes of his old records and extract a story line which could be used as background material for an autobiographical work. He has been a leading political figure and therefore my awareness of governance was relevant to the project. It helped reinforce the learning at the MPG course. Working with a personality of his caliber has helped improve my knowledge, skills, personality and discipline.


Participant at the MPG Course: (Sept 06 to Aug 07)

This course was taken up in pursuit of the goal of giving the best output at vision building. The course, initiated under Mr. TN Seshan (Former Chief Election Commissioner, India) and run by the MAEER’s Group of Institutions, prepares its participants for future leadership positions with focus on the political arena. The course covers subjects like law, polity, sociology, human rights, media, NGO, personality development, communication, power play, international relations, International polity, and international law. The three specializations were Polity, NGO and Media.

The main method used was experiential learning: participants were expected to also contribute to the learning process. There have been numerous field visits. A national tour for 15 days covered important places of political power in Delhi. A 25 day, five nation, International tour of Europe covered a complete spectrum of national and international institutions situated in Europe. A certificate course was also conducted at The Hague University in The Netherlands.

Making a film on Vidarbha farmers’ suicides (Book has been published by Rupa) and a one month internship at the Bharitiya Janata Party’s Media Cell, under Mr. Prakash Javadekar, National Spokesperson BJP were two important personal highlights.

The course makes one a specialist in practical matters related to Government at all levels. It lays the foundation for becoming a knowledge worker in politics/government.

Lecturer at the National Defence Academy:
(1996 July to 2006 Sept and also Sept 2007 to Nov 2007) Handled the entire spectrum of responsibilities of a lecturer of Physics at degree level (Teaching and examination). Additional administration related responsibilities were given from time to time.


Was detailed for Liaison duties for the Academy in connection with the visit of civilian dignitaries (for about 7 years)(UPSC chairman, Vice Chancellors, Chairman CSIR, ex-Chairman UGC, Scientists, registrars).

Was counselor to the cadets, (at one time one of the only four persons in the academy; and the youngest) Duties at which time included being on call for 24 hrs for any urgent requirement (rare occasions) of 480 cadets of a Battalion and visiting them periodically to cater to motivation, counseling, guidance, trouble shooting and conflict resolution.

Was asked to take on responsibility of the academy foot-ball team, the roller skating club, the music club and the ball room dancing club at various times; was also tasked to escort cadets to places like Raiwala (white water rafting), Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Paratroopers Training School Agra, Artillery center at Nasik, the HAL unit at Nasik and AFA Hyderabad; also participated with the cadets in horse riding, sailing, paragliding and swimming.

Conducted guitar and ballroom dancing classes for officers and their families at the academy

RL Science Institute (’94-’95): It was a one year contract as a lecturer in physics 94-95. The basic duties involved monitoring practical classes, giving a few lectures and performing examination duties.

Prior to this preparations for Civil Services exams happened at the Periyar Thidal Chennai; cleared Preliminary stage once.






Book Chapters

“A Fundamental Shift That a Review of NDA Must Cater For”

“Quality Military Leadership – a key to Victory India” Published by Pentagon Press Delhi, March 2014:  ISBN-13: 978-8182747760


“An Open Letter to The NDA Cadet”

“Quality Military Leadership – a key to Victory India” Published by Pentagon Press Delhi, March 2014:  ISBN-13: 978-8182747760


“NDA a Historic Opportunity”

“Victory India: A Key to Quality Military Leadership” published by Pentagon Press, Delhi;  ISBN 978-81-8274-704-3


“The Current Profile of Motivation in The Indian Armed Forces”

“Victory India: A Key to Quality Military Leadership” published by Pentagon Press, Delhi;  ISBN 978-81-8274-704-3


“A Deeper Understanding of Motivation”

“Victory India: A Key to Quality Military Leadership” published by Pentagon Press, Delhi;  ISBN 978-81-8274-704-3


“The Highest in The Land of The Bharatas” 

“Victory India: A Key to Quality Military Leadership” published by Pentagon Press, Delhi;  ISBN 978-81-8274-704-3



Dharma: Corner Stone of Indian Civilization

To be published


Rising to Second Freedom: Enlightened Minds and Ignited Spirit

Notion Press


The Yogyathwa

Together with Prof Bala Balachandran and Mr. TN Seshan



The Tragedy of Farmers’ Suicides in Vidarbha: A Lesson and a Ray of Hope

Rupa and Co. ISBN 978-81-291-1469-3


Towards The Kingdom of Heaven:

Through the rational side of religion

Bharitiya Vidya Bhavan;

ISBN 81-7276-132-5


Conference Papers

"Clash in Civilization: ‘Clash of Civilization' an Opinion not a Perfect Science".

 Paper presented at the international Conference on "Need to Promote Tolerance & Unity in Cultural Diversity for World Peace" under the aegis of UNESCO chair for Human Rights, Democracy & Peace, Pune.






Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM Flex)

Executive MBA at Great Lakes Institute of Management



Masters’ program in Government (MPG)

MIT-School Of Government, Pune



National Eligibility Test (NET)





Karnatak university Dharwad        




RL Science Institute Belgaum       




RL Science Institute Belgaum       




St Paul’s High School Belgaum    



Been Associated With

  • Periyar IAS Academy, Chennai --- one year course in prep for Civil Service Exam:
  • Tej Gyan Foundation --- seven courses in personality development and spirituality;
  • The Hague University, Holland --- short course on ‘Public management and law’;
  • Bharitiya Vidya Bhavan ----- publisher for my book and for articles;
  • Rupa and company ----- Publisher for my second book
  • CMS computer institute ----- Advanced Diploma in Information Technology;
  • Indian Law Society’s Law College, Pune ----- a one day workshop/discussion session on ‘current constitutional issues’;
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ------ Work shop on Nuclear Chemistry; Teachers’ awareness programme
  • College Of Def Management ----- 2 week long capsule courses on Leadership;
  • Global Research Education and Training foundation --- Effective Teaching course;
  • Indian institute of Science ----- Mathematics Olympiad preparatory course;
  • The Indal Club, Belgaum ----- Cricket, Badminton and Snooker (represented);
  • NDA Youth Club ----- Toppers in Pune First Division Football;
  • UNESCO chair for Human Rights, Democracy & Peace, Pune ----- Presented one paper each in the international Conferences on “Need to Promote Tolerance & Unity in Cultural Diversity for World Peace”.  And another on “Pathways to World Peace through Democratic Change”
  • Bharitiya Janata Party’s, National Media Cell ------ one month internship
  • National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements (NAPM) ------ attended three National Conventions of the general body


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